Climate change is real!

Climate change is real and very much appalling and it requires us to act immediately against it, as this concern is a result of our carelessness, over comfort desire and greed.

History of Earth and Climate change

Our Earth is 4.5 billion years old, its environment and climate undergoes changes, but these  changes are very slow. Earth is a witness of mega extinction events when climate changes become drastic.


There are 5 mega extinction events, took place millions of years back including Dinosaurs extinction by a meteor, 65 million years back.

There are gases in our climate since billions of years like carbon dioxide which captures sun heat and keep our earth warm. But when the level of these green house gases and particulates crosses the limits, extinction of lifeforms occurs. Great Permian extinction was such an event which took place 251 million years back which killed upto 95% ocean and 70% land species due to global warming, acidification and pollution.


Scientists believes that climate change, we are facing will be more fatal if we didn’t take it very seriously. Because rate of amount of carbon dioxide and other green house gases we have added in our atmosphere is very  much larger than earth has ever faced in past.

Why our climate is changing so fast?

Major Reason is use of fossil fuels, other impactful reasons are livestock production for meat, burning crop residues and trees,  Deforestation and slow Afforestation. World annual energy consumption is around 520 exa joule which is increasing. EIA has projected that by 2050 our energy consumption will rise by 50%. Currently only 15% of our energy demand is met by Renewable Energy resources. Burning fossil fuel based fuels like coal, petrol, natural gas emits net carbon dioxide which results in green house effect, which results in climate change.

Industry and Transport sector are major energy utilizing sectors and thus since industrial revolution of 1860 Carbon dioxide level has risen to 416ppm from 290 ppm and Global Mean Annual Temperature Average per Decade has risen to 14.9  from 13.7 degree.

Why climate change is appalling?

Climate change will have severe impact on earth ecosystem, lifeforms, biodiversity, economy, and sea side countries. Drought and floods are very frequent now, drought and floods cause billion of dollar losses along with other devastating results.

Scientists claim that if same trend of global warming continues, sea level will rise by  100 cm. Carbon dioxide level will become 900 ppm and Global average decade temperature will become 19 degree C by 2100.

These figures seem to be small but this much sea level rise will sink many island nations and temperature which is 50 C will become 54 degree C.  cold and hot sea and air currents which regulate whether and sea life will get disrupted, if major snow melting occurs at poles.

What can be done?

There are many ways and roles we can play as our duty to save earth and tackle climate change. TED also started its initiative as countdown initiative to make world carbon neutral and drive the evolution to fight climate change and problems associated with it in areas of Energy, Transport, Material, Food and Nature with the help of TEDx community, Speakers and activists.

Lets pledge to fight climate change and act for betterment of earth and all lifeforms.

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